Oh beautiful week off- I will miss you on Monday.  Working on stuff.  Ran to NYC and picked up some Pokedolls! Selling some on ebay ’cause arting don’t pay the bills, yanno?    …not that school pays the bills either.  It will someday, just not today.  Here’s a link in case anyone’s interested. I also put up the super fantastic pokeball earrings I sell at conventions. I’m going to add other little things I sell at conventions as the week moves on- so if you saw us at a table and you didn’t pick up that cool whatever-it-was… Now’s your chance! (Plus if you give me money I will eat, and FOOD IS POWER… Power is MOAR COMICS! … you do want to know what’s going to happen with that Big Bear and those Lizard Bits, don’t you? Oh well… it was worth a shot.)